Water treatment in the mobile home - for beginners & advanced

membraclean Drinking water treatment Camping & Motorhomes is a drinking water additive of the latest generation.

membraclean effective disinfection

Disinfectants for every household, trade, industry and food processing plants, kindergartens, schools, fitness studios, solariums, as well as all types of public institutions, etc.

Animal good - simply good

membraclean Drinking water treatment "animal good" ensures hygienically clean drinking water for all domestic animals such as dogs, cats, rodents, birds, as well as all farm animals such as horses, cows, sheep and goats etc..

Get out of the hall and onto the water

membraclean Drinking water treatment Ships is easy and uncomplicated to use via "Plug and Play", for any type of mobile water tank in sports boats, inland waterway vessels, ferries, bunker ships, passenger lines, cruise ships and tugboats, etc.

Disinfectants for sensitive applications

With bioactive, alcohol-free disinfectants, sustainably produced. No resistance and therefore safe long-term use!

Perfect water hygiene in your dental practice

Effective water disinfection on all of your treatment units. With membraclean TD water disinfection, you have the option of permanently injecting the effective disinfectant into a wide variety of water systems.

Simply brilliant - via Plug & Play

Biofilm degradation in mobile tanks with membraclean via Plug & Play

That's why silver ions are so dangerous...

Silver & silver ions in the fresh water tank - (un)questionable addition?

membraclean professional industrial hygiene and industrial disinfection

Professional disinfection systems by and with membraclean

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