Silver & silver ions in the fresh water tank - (un)questionable addition?

In mobile tanks, silver is used in the form of liquid solutions, silver mesh, or spheres. In the public sector, the use of silver in mobile tanks has been banned since 2017 because it has been proven to harm people.

Silver interrupts biological processes and can also kill bacteria in this way. When using the water treated with silver for drinking, washing and even just for showering, silver also penetrates through the cell walls of the human body.

In addition, it was already known in the last century that silver was effective against many serious (notifiable diseases) but also against everyday pathogens such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella., Pseudomonas, Staphylococci and Enterobacter that live in the biofilm of water tanks, is not effective. Silver was increasingly incorporated into many medical devices (patches, catheters, etc.) at the beginning of this century to prevent inflammation and promote healing.

In no case could a healing effect be proven. On the contrary, the medically used silver damaged human tissue cells. Silver in a concentration of 0.01 to 0.07 mg/l is required for an 80% kill rate of pathogens. The effectiveness of 80% achieved in these studies is completely inadequate from a hygienic point of view. A "real" disinfection that protects against infection has an effectiveness of 99.999%. At 80%, 200 individuals out of 1,000 pathogens still survive, i.e. an infectious quantity! With a real disinfectant with 99.999%, not one out of 1,000 survives.

The necessary concentration for killing and the former permitted maximum concentration of 0.08 mg/l in drinking water are far above the toxic limit for humans
The damaging concentration on human cells is 0.02 mg/l.

So there is the
disease argyria, named after the Latin name for silver, Argentum. This is a bluish discoloration of the skin. This is certainly a rare but scientifically proven disease - for which there is no cure. A blue face stays with you for life. Silversmiths are familiar with the bluish discoloration of their fingers.

In addition to direct damage to human cells, silver also has an indirect effect. Despite the blood-brain barrier, silver - like alcohol or the active ingredient in headache pills - can get into the brain. It damages the neurotransmitters there, messenger substances that are used for communication between the nerve cells. This leads to disturbances in brain performance, psychological problems and impairs muscle control via the central nervous system.
In the blood, it damages the white blood cells, so that the defense against infection is severely impaired. The entire immune system is damaged, the susceptibility to (travel) diseases increases. Disorders of the brain, liver and kidney function have been proven, including heart attacks.

Therefore, silver was banned from public mobile tanks. This should also be followed in the private sphere.

Literature can be requested...

Author: Dr. Michael Saefkow 21.01.2021

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