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    Disinfection systems
    membraclean Disinfection solutions and disinfection systems automatically, in conjunction with membraclean water treatment and mebraclean water disinfection, ensure maximum safety for what is most important to us - drinking water.

    Nowadays, despite chlorination, the Waterworks, drinking water pipes infested with bacteria and germs.

    Merely short pieces of pipe with no more flow, so-called "dead" pipes, irregular water withdrawal from an outside water connection, a tap in the laundry room, or an empty apartment in an apartment building are completely sufficient to protect the entire pipe system with e.g. legionella to contaminate and thus endanger people's health.

    Depending on the requirements of our customers and the local conditions, we offer fully automatic, purely mechanical or also electrical dosing systems to directly at a central point, e.g. in the house feed in the basement to inoculate the membraclean drinking water treatment into the pipe system.

    This results in economical and precise dosing in order to reliably kill all germs in the drinking water and to comply with the drinking water ordinance.

    The permanent use of Membraclean According to the Drinking Water Ordinance, in particular §11 and the UBA list, products for drinking water disinfection are permitted moderate and thereby fulfills the minimization principle.
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