water hygiene

Water hygiene
membraclean Drinking water treatment is a fresh water additive that can be used simply and easily via "plug and play" for any type of mobile water storage tank.

By adding membraclean drinking water treatment, the drinking water is almost of freed and conserved of all harmful germs.

The water treated with membraclean drinking water treatment is tasteless and odorless. It can be used for cooking, washing, i.e. for personal hygiene and even for drinking!

membraclean Drinking water treatment can not only be used as a fresh water additive, but also, optimally, for the sanitation of the entire water system. With continuous use, no additional cleaning of the tank is required!

The biofilm/slime layer in the tank and in the pipes is broken down safely and with a dosage that corresponds to the drinking water ordinance.

Permanent use of all membraclean products for drinking water disinfection is permitted according to the Drinking Water Ordinance, in particular §11 and the UBA list, and thereby fulfills the minimization requirement